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Welcome to the new and updated Viva Hawaii home page.  We have completely redesigned the site and will be actively adding information.

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We have been working on creating sets of articles for the four major islands of Hawaii.  To find the articles you can go to Articles on the menu bar, or for articles on a specific island, you can find those here:

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There are literally thousands of things to do and see around the Hawaiian Islands.  Here I hope to be able to provide you with some of the best resources to make the most of your stay/visit to Paradise.

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Map Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Map

Click for larger view

Pearl Harbor Area Map

This map has the roads plus; Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial, Ford Island, Pearl City, and more.  By clicking on the map, you can see a magnified version of this map.

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Map Windward Oahu

Windward Oahu

Click for larger view

Windward Oahu Map

This map shore the Windward roads and; Hanauma Bay, Kaneohe, Marine Corps Base Kaneohe, Pale Lookout, and more.

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Map North Shore

North Shore Oahu

Click for larger view

North Shore Oahu Map

The North Shore of Oahu is “The Place” to go for surfing during the winter months.  In this map, you can see the surf areas as well as the roads to get there.

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Map Central Oahu

Central Oahu Hawaii

Click for larger view

New – Map of Central Oahu

In this map you can see the area and roads found in Central Oahu, Hawaii.  As before, simply click on the map for a bigger view.

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Map Honolulu and Airport

Map Honolulu Airport

Click for larger view

Map of Honolulu and the HNL Airport

Here, we have posted a map of the City of Honolulu, the Honolulu Airport, and the area around them.  As with the other maps, just click on it to view a larger image.

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Map Waikiki

Waikiki Map

Click for larger view

Map of the Waikiki Area

Here is a map of Waikiki   You can find most of the local hotels, the various beaches in this area, and the streets in Waikiki.  Just click on the map for a larger view of this area.

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Map Oahu

Map Oahu, Hawaii

Click for larger view

Map of The Island for Oahu, Hawaii

This is a new category we have just added.  We will be posting helpful maps that you can view.  We have several of these maps that we have found in free publications and will continue to post more.  We are starting with a map of the Island of Oahu.  To see a larger view, simply click on the map to the right.

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Ala Wai

Ala Wai Canal

A Look At The Ala Wai Canal

The Hawaiian name translates to “fresh water way”.  The canals story gives me a chance to talk about the rain here.  In the Honolulu and Waikīkī area’s, the annual rainfall will average about 12 inches.  If you look to the far distance, you will see the Koolau Mountains.

These mountains can average up to 200 inches of rain each year. With all that rain coming out of the mountains, threw Manoa Valley, and ending in Waikiki it’s easy to understand that Waikīkī use to be an agricultural wetland.  A hundred years ago all you would have found in Waikīkī was rice, taro, and fish ponds. Read more…

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Waikiki Hotels

Hilton Hawaiian VillageHilton Hawaiian Village

The Hawaiian Village was built by Henry J. Kaiser in 1955. He had moved here and loved everything about paradise.  Everything except all the hotels that were just like every other city he had visited.  He wanted something different, so he built it! If you’ve visited here before you may remember seeing “The Dome.”  The Dome, where Don Ho once performed, was designed then built in 1959 by Buckminster Fuller.  This was the first dome built in the United Statesand was entirely constructed in 20 hours.  With the 1961 purchase by Conrad Hilton the property became the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  If you look to the far end of the property, you can see the Rainbow Tower.  The rainbow that you see is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds largest ceramic tile mosaic.  There is another on the opposite side of the building.  Several years ago the hotel underwent a 2 1/2 year renovation at a cost of over $100 million.  In May 2001 the new Kalia Towerwas opened on the former site of The Dome and a new Hilton sign, pool and fountain were added to the property.  The Hilton has received awards, naming it the most beautiful hotel in Waikīkī. Read more…

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State Capital of Hawaii

hawaii state capital

Arround the Hawaii State Capitol

Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959. The capital was completed in 1969 at a cost of $25 million.  As you can guess, the building serves as the center of our state government, but it’s the architecture of the building that I want to talk about.  The building is surrounded by water – this is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii.  Look at the base of the building both left and right – the base looks like a volcano which is how the islands were formed.  Next you see eight pillars – these symbolize the eight major Read more…

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