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Kauai Hawaii

Kauai HawaiiKauai Hawaii The Garden Isle

Kauai Hawaii is the forth largest of the Hawaiian Islands and has a population of 62,640.  It is the oldest and farthest north of the major Hawaiian Islands.  Kauai Hawaii first became known to the Western World when Captain James Cook discovered it in 1778 landing at Waimea Bay.  It was at this time that Captain Cook first referred to the Hawaiian Islands as The Sandwich Isles.  In 1835 the first sugar mill was established and lead to the arrival of immigrants to work the fields.

Kauai Hawaii – Different

There’s a huge difference between all the hustle and bustle of Honolulu with Waikiki Beach and the very laid back atmosphere of Kauai Hawaii.  With far less than a tenth the population of Honolulu and virtually no high-rise buildings, your experience in Kauai Hawaii is going to be very different, and quite probably a welcomed change!

Kauai Hawaii – What To Do

Even though there is less to do on The Garden Isle, that does not mean there is nothing to do.  Every Kauai visitor wants to see the Waimea Canyon, usually referred to as The Grand Canyon of the Pacific for it’s resemblance to the Grand Canyon in the US Mainland.  You can easily get there in a rental car, take a guided tour, or go all out with a helicopter trip through the canyon.  There are parts of Kauai that get the highest annual rainfall in the world, usually well over 400 inches per year, but those areas are not easily accessible.

A boat ride up the Wailua River and a visit to the Fern Grotto is also a must do trip and is easy to get to from where ever you are staying on the Isle.

Some of the other things you may find of interest would be a trip to the North Shore, including a visit to the Waioli Mission House which is listed with the National Registry of Historic Places.  Also of interest may be; Napali Coast, Hanapepe Town, Old Koloa Town, Hanalei Town, Kilauea Lighthouse, and Opaekaa Falls.

Kauai Hawaii – Final Thoughts

As with my other articles on the Hawaiian Islands, this has just been meant to be a quick look and overview of Kauai Hawaii.  For more information, do have a look at my additional articles as I publish them.  You may also want to download and have a look at the Kauai Official Travel Planner.  This has been Kauai Hawaii.

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