Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Lahaina, Maui, HawaiiHistoric Lahaina Town

The historic town of Lahaina has become the hot spot and place to visit on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  The town was once called Lele, which in Hawaiian means relentless sun.  During the early nineteenth century, Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and during the mid-1800’s was a historic whaling village at the peak of the whaling boom.  During the whaling boom, it was common to have hundreds of whaling ships and over a thousand sailors in the village.

Lahaina Today

There are about 55 acres of Old Lahaina that have been set aside as a historic district and Lahaina itself is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Today you can stroll down the streets of Lahaina and find several places of interest such as museums, art shops, restaurants, novelty shops as well as many other historic spots like the U.S. Seaman’s Hospital, Hale Paaho (Lahaina Prison), and several other spots along the Lahaina Historic Trail.

Lahaina – More To Do

Just a couple recommendations that I consider must see places are the banyan tree at the beginning of Lahaina.  This tree is one of the largest living things in the world, and when you see it you’ll understand why.  Some thing else you should think about, is where to eat.  A definite suggestion is to take in the Royal Lahaina Luau.  Generally considered to be the best luau in all of Hawaii, if you haven’t enjoyed one of these Hawaiian Feasts yet, this is a must do in Lahaina.  Also, from Lahaina you can find many other opportunities for tours outside of the town.  There are so many attractions and things to do and see that, if you haven’t already researched the area before coming you need to find a local tour/travel desk and get more information.

Lahaina – Conclussion

I have personally visited Lahaina many times, and never get tired of exploring the town.  Once you’ve been there, you’ll certainly mark the days until your return!  I will be covering many of the must see, and nice to see if you have time, spots around Lahaina and the rest of the Island of Maui.  So, don’t forget to continue reading our articles as we post more.