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Welcome to the new and updated Viva Hawaii home page.  We have completely redesigned the site and will be actively adding information.

Viva Hawaii Articles

We have been working on creating sets of articles for the four major islands of Hawaii.  To find the articles you can go to Articles on the menu bar, or for articles on a specific island, you can find those here:

Articles for Oahu

Articles for Maui

Articles for Kauai

Articles for The Big Island

Viva Hawaii Resources

There are literally thousands of things to do and see around the Hawaiian Islands.  Here I hope to be able to provide you with some of the best resources to make the most of your stay/visit to Paradise.

Viva Hawaii Assistance

Any one wishing to make contributions to our Web site, please don’t hesitate to Contact us with your comments, suggestions, or offers to help.

Viva Hawaii Partners

If you have a business or some other interest in Hawaii and would like to have information about your business/interest included in our Viva Hawaii Web site, just Contact us with your details.

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